Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mari membeli-belah

The Benjamin's Warehouse sales were out of my expectation. The sale are not much liking not like the one i first went last year where i "pulun" most of em' from lasenza . I thought it'd be the same but it turned out nothing much to be "pulun" out!! Nonetheless Muna, ( I went with her ), still managed to grab 4 items from GAP which only costs her RM120. Well me??? wrap-around skirt from Gap has really caught my attention and of course i bought it!! :D

oh you know what..hubby just got himself a new camera and is not a DSLR but the features are almost similar to DSLR and am lovin' it!! *wink*

CANON Powershot G1

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Another "THE" to include in my favorite band list..

THE TRAVIS (maybe am just too late to discover heck who cares!!)..


(sangat stress ok masa nak masukkan clip ni)

A promise..

Went to Klcc yesterday, coz hubster had some work to do and being a nothing-to-do-at-home person :P i said i wanted to follow him kerana saya amatla suka berjalan-jalan walaupun poket amatla kekeringan di saat ini. :(. While hubby doing his bussiness, i had my own time strolling around and stop by at M.A.C Cosmetic store to check out their latest limited Collection dan rase nak demam bila sudah jatuh centa sama eye palette yang berharga RM 170 pheww!!! At that point rase macam bilala nak dapat kerje ni. I guess for the time being, i can only save it as one of my wishlist

Later terasa nak makan Japanese soba so had our dinner at Secret Recipe tibe-tibe teragak nak makan Oreo Cheesecake instead of Chocolate Indulgence (coz we always had our Choclate Indulgence everytime we eat there). I tell you the Oreo Cheesecake very sinful!!!!Terus i said to my hubster ok this cake is goin to be my must-try-recipe at home!!! Is a promise for u guys too!! Infact a few months back pun i did google this recipe on the internet dan yang membuatkan rase teruja nak buat cake ni kerana tak payah bakar u need to refrigate only!! sound so easy isn't it??? We'll see ha...nantikan..Wish me luck!!!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a shout out to.....

I would like to make a shout out to my dearest Hubby " HAPPY BIRTHDAY AWAK"!!!!!! yang ke 28... errrr.... two more years to be sweet 30!!! hehehhee. and my birthday is just around the corner too, a month to go..hint hint :D

I hope you like the little suprise from me; with just 2 slices choclate banana cake from Secret recipe (thanks to sarah tolong belikan :D) without candles, takde potong2 kek pun..kek dah siap potong and card and a simple gift!!tak kejelaa takde duit..please pray that i will get new job soon.. Sorryla awak saya mmg takkan belikan awak any gadget or games and what not yang seangkatan dengannya.:D. Are we going out for any dinner tonite??? err takde eh??? perasan lagi...ish

anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY..may you always be bless by Allah s.w.t, dimurahkan rezeki and always in a pink of health last but not least I LOVE you to bits!! mmuahhhh..

psssttt : " birthday saya awak nak kasi ape??? saya dah ade list dah hehehehhehe"

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Books that worth every penny. part 1

not an ordinary dream..

Last weekend, masa jalan-jalan pergi Zoo Negara, snap some pictures and when we checked out the pictures, hubster whine about gambar turned out tak cantiklaa,tak sharpla, blur tak kene tempatla and he's mumbling bout buying a new digital camera. So i told him " buat pe nak beli digital camera lagi?, why don't we invest into something more xpensive sikit buy DSLR, but worth it, duit kuar lebehlaa sikit tapi picture sume cantik-cantik nanti" but he said " ah taknaklaa nnt besar gabak sape nak bawak?" duh!!!!

I prefer to buy DSLR rather than digital camera because i've been using the compact camera ever since it's started to hit the market, until now i already used 3 diferent digital cameras, 2 from Canon and 1 from Nikon. That is why i had enough of another digital camera. Takde beza gambar turn out to be the same je. The tools are limited. Pastu kalau nak effect lebeh-lebeh sikit kene guna photoshop takde RAW image.

Memang skang ni kalau pakai DSLR orang kata "poyola orang pakai DSLR dia pun nak pakai, orang nak amik gambar dia pun nak amik gambar." SUKELAARRR kan duit sendiri bukan pakai duit korang pun. It's strictly for my own satisfaction. Memang dari dulu dah eye-ing to get one of those DSLR but money always a big NO-NO even until now pun. hahahhahahaa tapi takpe one day nnt insyAllah i will grab one of em. Mana tau next month kan saya akan celebrate birthday **ehem..ehem** pastu tetiba ade pulak orang yang baik hati nak bagi present kan..kan hehehehhehe u are most welcome :D.

nila camera mula2 sekali di pakai after 2 years di kong dgn sendirinya

still surviving skang dekat my sister itupun dah mcm nak nyawa2 ikan

dan sekarang jeng jeng jeng.....sedang eyeing yang ini..hmm bilakah???

ni jelah yang amat mampu, yang rase agak affordable.

u may ask y Canon?? nape tak Nikon?? kan org skang kehulu kehilir pakai Nikon..the answer is simple coz am too familliar with canon ever since am still in U so that is why i preffer this brand. :D..

Monday, November 17, 2008

let's shine

Oit ade contestlaaaa from yoghurt drink call SHINE from Dutch Lady. log on here to join, am not sure bout the closing date but one thing for sure the prize are absolutely to-die-for RM55 000 to be WON! gila best!!! A contest that might make your dream come true. Very simple, who knows maybe u or myself can be one of the winner!! Senang je u need to paint the balloon with your creativity according to the tools given and write down your dream. SIMPLE KAN??? kalau Saya Suka sure kacang jelaaa kan..:D . You can submit in as many balloons as you want!! i've submited 4 balloons :D. Ok HURRY before it's too late!!!


Semenjak 1 bulan setengah tak keje ni, and i have nothing to do la kan except for house chores, tapi tu pun yang minor2 jer. I've got my whole sweet times mengadap komputer stalk on other people's blogs hehehhee..yes i admit and not shame of it!! I do like reading other blogs. i've already became their silent readers for more than a year . huhu.

One of my favorite blog by Hanis Zalikha, she's a model and only 18. I like to way she writes very down to earth and thru from her heart u can tell by the way she writes it! She has her own style dan cara dia tulis adalah sangat klakar especially when she writes in malay. Pulak tu dia sangat cantik ok, dan tinggi lampai..what a package she has!! Macam dia kenal je aku kan puji dia lebih-lebih..hahahha mmg dia tak kenal langsung pun!!!

FYI, i've got the contest above pun from her blog. Tu pasal tolong iklan kan sikit pasal Hanis yang cool ni. Thanks Hanis for sharing it with others!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


errrr????? i don't feel any enthusiasm to watch it. lagi-lagi bila tengok the list of actor and actress..err..ade sape2 ke yang pegi tgk??

kucing itu comel tapi..

About a month ago my friend suddenly popped up a message in my facebook telling me something very informative regarding what we should do during pregnancy and it makes me think about it twice..

"babe,i think i know what happened to your baby la..i think la.. maybe sbb u ada kucing kot.. actually, cats ni ada satu jenis virus kat dorg yg blh menyebabkan perempuan takleh mengandung.or if u mengandung, the baby will not develop well or miscarriage.. i penah baca 1 artikel ni, tapi tak ingat katne and bila but mmg ada sorg my friend pon ckp camtu gak. auntie dia dah 5 thn kawin, tapi takleh preggy tp both of them subur, so when the doctor finds out that dia bela kucing, doktor tu suruh get rid of the cats and bersihkan rumah and alhamdulillah, lps tu dia preggy. my 1st sis pon camtu gak masa qistina dulu, b4 dia tau dia pregnant, dia dpt satu penyakit nih (susah nak explain), bila tau je pregnant, terus buang kucing yg dia bela tu sbb kucing tu yg menyebabkan dia dpt penyakit tu.. and doctor pon advise sbb tanak effect her pregnancy...i guess tu la sbbnya.. so, next round you kena jauhi kucing. u cant even have cats near you or in the house.. i knw u love em so much, tp tula..."

See, i was confirmed pegnant about 5 months ago unfortunately in my 3 months check up the doctor found out that my baby heartbeat was gone and the baby already shrunk. So, i had to do the Dnc to clean up my womb. Until now the real reason about it still invisible, except for only god knows why and as a muslim, i accept it with open heart. But when my fren came up with one of the reason it makes me think back. Coz i do own a cat, and i remember during my prengnancy i've been playing around with my cat like nobody bussiness everytime i went to my mum's house siap letak dia kat perut belai2 sampai kucing to bleh tertido2laaa..kadang kalau nak tido pun i will put the cat next to me. Skang barula teringat sume bende bila my fren bagitau. Itupun sebab my fren saw my picture with my cat in facebook :P. Actually i do know that cats stool carries parasite and it is not adviseable for all the women whose confirmed pregnant to be expose near the poo. read this
That's is why i thot it's not harmful for me to play with the cats as long as i am not expose to the cats litter. hmmm

Despite all, this is just one of the reasonla for my condition. It's actually can be more than the reason above. Some may still conceive and at the same time own cats yet delivers the baby safely and healthy, some may not be that lucky. Our experiences can be differs from others. We can take as many precautions we wanted to but it's all depends. As for myself i still don't know yet how to get rid of my cat hahahhahaa coz he was one of the most adorable creature i can't say NO to..ayaaaa howlaaa???

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

love @ first sight

DAISY by Marc Jacobs

am in love with the smell very flowery and fresh!!!