Thursday, August 24, 2006


just to get home it took me almost 4 hours...dem off from the ofis around 6.30 pm and i only managed to get home around 10.30 kidding bout that!!!due to the heavy rains causing a massive jam and supporting by a very2 phatetic public transportation...and yes i'm still depending on a public transport...poor me..still not having enough cash to buy myself a car ...(sob..sob)..

• average 6.30 am off form the ofis headed to a bus stop ..waited until 7 still no bus coming in...and still waited ...bought ma self some peanuts call " kacang botak" to munch cos am started to feel hungry . finally the bus came n i think it's around 7.45 huh!!

• board in the bus nasib baik managed to get a seat...kalau tak matila wei..and damn bukit bintang was fucking jam's like a warehouse where u park all the brand new cars before u sending them to every outlets..hahhahaha...BUKIT BINTANG-PUDU JAIL-MAJESTIC-PASAR PUDU- u named it there's no emptied started to feel dizzy try to sleep but i can't coz its too cold..and finally i reached the JAYA JUSCO bust station after 1 hour trapped!!!

• waited for the 2nd bus..looking at my watch its only 9.05 okla still can catch the xplorace if the bus manage to come earlylaa..time passes by but still clueless..while waited for the bus i've tried to catch a cab as well due to the bad traffics no taxi drivers will ever dare to take passengers this point i really wanted to call my dad to come n fetch me but unfortunately i was running out of credits damn again..and the saddest thing is there's no public phones around me okey.. balai polis adelahhh..the bus stop was almost like a pudu raya, crowded with the smelly people ( yuckss) nasib open air if not mau pengsan.. my legs started aching, my stomach groaning... and yes after 1 hour and 15 minutes waiting... finally come my hero to save me..hahhahaa. "pakcik taxi " who willing to stop ..but this pakcik taxi also very irritating..tapi lantakla janji aku selamat sampai umah ..alhamdullillah...when i reached home and here came the ending of xplorace...dem it...u know what does it mean? it mean 10.30 pm alreadylaaaaaaa...naaah count urself how long does it take for me just to get homeeeeeee.......penat seh

anyway..have a nice weekend dolls