Friday, February 27, 2009

just my 2 cents..

Did you noticed that when we grew older we tend to lose lots of friends we used to be closed before???..especially those friends that we spent the whole time doin' the most craziest and happening things in life..don't worry just look at the brightside coz the more we lose em' the more we are close to the one's we always have thru the thick and thin and love us undoubtedly till the end.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Papa's more ages

Papa (FIL) celebrated his 62nd birthday on the 15 of february, last sunday. We had lunch at Alexis BSC with the rest of family ..Papa had a laptop as an early birthday present from aunty (my step mother in law) since then he never failed to catch up on whatever stuff that's been goin on the internet . Termasuklaa join Facebook i need to delete all my tak senonoh pictures tho'..tapi sangat cutela bila tengok this golden aged people try to learn all these new stuff. :D

Anyways, i'm wishing Papa

"semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu".

look at me the fatty bom-bom..arghhh

Monday, February 16, 2009


i'm lovin' it!!!

am a sucker for a picture editing..jom try!!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

My random things

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

My 25 Random Things:

  1. According to my mom, my dad named me after an actress Raja Nor Baizurah..kenal tak..??(ha gelak-gelak) and supposedly my name is Nor Dianah bte Abdullah (confirm ade yang gelak guling-guling ni)..bongek!!!

  2. I hate ulat gonggok. I had my nightmare while studying at Uitm Malacca coz u can see this creature almost everywhere. Sangat geli ok.!!! I always cried (sumpah tak tipu) coz my friend knew how much i detest this creature so they like to made fun of me..tak payah cakapla bape kali menangis pasal ulat ni..mmg geli sgt ok. Lizard, cockroach or rat I still can hal punyelaaa but ulat gonggok ko jangan sekali-kali cube!!!

  3. I don’t really like to eat asam pedas eventho’ saya org melaka…therefore am not good in cooking that dish ..just ok-ok jeelaaaaa..

  4. I easily sympathized especially when looking into makcik2 yg jual kerepek atau pakcik2 tua yg kene jadi guard. Tak sampai hati but what to do they need to make living.

  5. My third sister died coz of Liver Cancer at the age of 13 .
    She suffered for 2 years. Al-fatihah

  6. I can never wake up really-really early.

  7. I’m in my heaviest weight 48kg. fullstop!!!

  8. I don’t like pink!! Except for my wedding theme laa coz i found the nicest combination pink + silver for my baju sanding. That’s the only time i can consider pink.

  9. I still can’t drive…but planning to buy a car..kah kah kah!!!

  10. I love beaches and islands.

  11. I have a dream to become a lecturer but thinking bout doin' research and thesis makes me wanna puke.

  12. I love cooking. Dreaming of havin’ my own design kitchen. Banyak dah resipi kumpul ni.

  13. I like to plant. Just started with pandan leaves, curry leaves and small chillies. hehehehe

  14. I am not good with kids. But kids always adores me..:D. I would never hold a baby who have just born. Takot..sebab dia nampak fragile. Ayoo camno nak pegang anak sendiri.

  15. am a short-tempered person.

  16. I wish my husband will be a little romantic. :D Sikit jelah. kalau over sangat mau sendiri muntah darah ok. :D

  17. I started reading books when my bf (now husband) was in UK (to fill up the free times). My first book I bought is Sushi for beginner and Devil wears Prada. :D.

  18. I dream of learning Spanish.Tapi English pun berterabur..hahahhaa

  19. I wish to send my parents to perform Haj, and dream of going to Mecca at age of 40’s InsyaAllah

  20. I always got caught talking to myself by people around me. errrr???

  21. I wanted to save up mcm org gila. Aiming for 10k this year. hahahhaa mampos tak dapek wei..

  22. I think am a funny person. Do u think so??

  23. I love sleeping and eating. Who doesn’t rite???

  24. I am bad in showing my expression of love and care towards the people I love. Hmmmm

  25. I love my family, husband, in laws, all my friends and my cat to bits.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

something to blab...

Alhamdullillah, looks like things are goin according to my plan this year insyaAllah..

It's been almost two weeks already im at my new work place. So far so good. I don't have my own cubicle but of course i have my own table which is quit a big table (macam-macam pikir nak letak ni but being a new person control dulu hehehhe) and thank god am using Mac (bukan nak eksyen yer tapi for those yg biasa guna mac will understand what i mean). I am the only designer with 5 others marketing people. One of the 5 people i'm working with is my Manager. Did i tell ya my deparment surrounding by ladies..all of us in one big room. So bila sume pempuan dlam bilik tu agak kecoh gaklaa.... yer kite org sume share satu tempat except for my Mrs. manager yang ade bilik sendiri tapi pintu dia tak pernah tutup and she never bothered about the rest of us doin' cheap talks or ape-apela as long as u do ur job.. sounds cool isn't it?? (hopefully sampai bila2)..being me who'd never had any experience dapat manager yang agak baik boleh get along with all stuff kat bawah adela sangat awkward..

The good thing about this new work place is, they have flexible working hours. for an instance, u can choose to show up at the office between 8.00 until 10 am, balik pulak from 5 to 7 pm, meaning if you come to the office early and you get to go home early as well.. Flexible kan??? Like my manager's said " kat sini the longest working hours sampai kul 7 je"..ha kembang gakla telinga ni bile dengar.:D. My office situated next to Masjid Jamek's station..jalan kaki kojap yor sampai dah..Kalau hujan pun takde hala nak redah.

The least thing that i dislike about my new office setakat nilahkan...all the stuff will be getting the salary on the 2nd of every month..matila wei kalau time-time raya pun dia kuar gaji 2hb jugak..adeh sakitt!!!

owh before i forgot, we are goin to have an annual dinner on this 16th february and the theme is 60's..hayaaa..the theme is so daringlaa..dahla takde geng lagi takkan nak dress up over-overkan :D.. I might go to Sg wang this weekend..try to do some mix and match..any idea u can suggest?? i'll preffer something simple but comfortable..thinking of having a legging with a black n white over-sized pleated shirt, bold belt and mary jane shoes..hmmm sounds simple kan?? ha time nilaa nak try make up baru..nyeh nyeh nyeh..nasibla takde nak kene buat any performances. Kalau tak malulaaa especially kalau dia suh main nyanyi-nyanyi ke..mau benti keje terus ok..

by the way for those who's been readin' my husband's blog, you'll stumble upon one of his entry regarding pergi pasar..sibuk je nak cite pasal sayur-sayur walhal bukan kenal pun bende2 tu..hehehehee ..i just one to show u guys what i had purchased during my visit ke pasar tani ...bukan setakat bahan-bahan masak je yang dibeli hehehhehee..

heehhehehee ni penting tau untuk ambik mood memasak..comelkan RM 8 je..

look at my sexyback!!! hehehhee tq to my husband for the shot..