Monday, March 29, 2010

permintaan luar biasa

This morning i took a cab to go to the office. Since i was confirmed pregnant i would normally prefer taking a cab rather than take the train. U knowlaa how the train will end up in the morning and how the people who couldn't care to give the seat to pregnant lady..ohh yes i encountered this so many times during my pregnancy and the latest happened to me was last week. .mmg teruk org KL ni... but sometimes when Setiawangsa having bad traffic flow i have no other choice terpaksa naik train jugak.

So pagi ni after my husband dropped me at the station i walk a few steps just to go to the taxi stand..dah ade 2 taxi i went to the 1st taxi yang Q di depan..i asked “ pegi masjid jamek, bang??” dia geleng kepala tak mau pegi..ok that is so i went to the second taxi..dia kata ok..i naik and the cabby tried to make a conversation with me.. dalam hatiku berkata “ tolongla jgn chatty sangat abg taxi ni”.. and yes he’s not that chatty ..he just ask a few question about me..tanya berapa bulan dah, mana nak bersalin..yadda yadda and he’s quite nicelaa actually..i liked his cab too; bersih, wangi and i felt comfortable sitting inside..

Suddenly the abang taxi asked me something..

cabby: ” adik kalau saya mintak tolong sesuatu boleh tak?”...

me : huh i'm like dlm hati “alamak dia nak buat drama pinjam duit ka?? pinjam hp ka??owh sangat suspen gila time ni..manalah taukan sebab tiba-tiba je nak mintak tolong..”

me: “ mintak tolong apa bang??” (suara dah agak hairan and suspen)

cabby: ” saya nak mintak adik tolong doakan abang”

me : “ doa?”..huh doa apa pulakla abang ni ..

cabby: ” nak mintak doa, doa ibu mengandungkan termakbul.“

me: terdiam sekejap.. “ oooohh boleh insyaAllah..semua org saya doakan bila lepas sembahyang”..he was asking politely so i think why notkan kita tolong orang..

cabby: “ tapi doa untuk sumeorg tu tak specific saya nak mintak adik doakan saya berjaya, nama saya amran bin mujid, saya keje dekat bernama astro” ..that’s what i heard he saidlaa..

me: “oohh boleh-boleh insyaAllah bila saya teringat saya akan doakan”..
masih dalam keadan binggung lagi ni

as i reached my destination..he stopped his cab and showed me a magazine, i tak sure what magazine tapi i can see that the cover is gambar umie aida and her new husband ..dan siap tunjuk ade satu page ni..dia ckp dia ade tulis or buat something..seriously, i cannot really see what he tried to showed me ..sebab the way dia tunjuk tu macam taknak i tau apa dia buat.
I think i need to find that magazine and try to look for that specific page.

dan lagi satu bila nak bayar..dia cakap takpe dik memamg niat saya kalau ibu mengandung naik ..saya tak ambil bayaran..but i insisted..i cakap tak boleh, abang cari rezeki..saya tak boleh terima naik free..adelah dlm 5 saat scene tolak menolak duit t :D he finally willing to accept it.. tapi boleh nampakla muka dia mcm tak sampai hati nak terima.

to abg taxi aka amran bin mujid..saya tak pasti pulak doa ibu mengandung adalah istimewa..whatever it is..insyaAllah saya akan doakan dan yang selebihnya berserahlah pada Allah swt. :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm back dear!!

ya Allah dah lama sgt tak update..mana pigi puan bai?? membawa diri ka?
too many things has happen and mostly all the gud oneslaa..Alhamdullillah..

the reason y i keep on silent because..

I'M EXPECTING ..yesss u read it right!!! am pregnant..saya mengandung!!! Alhamdullillah for what god has granted me and husband with such precious gift.. a gift that comes with huge responsibility that will definitely gives us colourful life's and headache too :D. hope we both will be tough and ready for all the ups and downs in very positive way!..insyaAllah..all the best for us yeah T_T..i choose to be silent for this few months is because i really want to give priority to my second pregnancy this time. For those who didn't know ..i am once pregnant before but due to some circumstances only god knows why i had a problem with it..therefore when god has granted me with 2nd opportunity i couldn't bother less bout anything except to take gud care of my self and the bb. .and now am back yeah..

Alhamdullillah my pregnancy almost reaching 6 months..gosh lagi 3 bulan mau tgk ini budak keluar..tak sabar sangat rasanya..but wait don't be too still a long way to go..pejam celik pejam celik..tadaaaa dah ade anak dah si bai ni..hahahhaa amin...selera makan tak payah cakaplaa..nurse dah bagi warning to control my weight takut kencing manis..:D.muka dah kembang setaman ni :D..i do two check ups every month..satu pegi gomen satu pegi swasta..but still havent decided which hospital to deliver..please pray for me and the bb will ya?? *wink*

The other gud things came up is..we finaly bought our own house...our own shelter..memang rezeki bb kan..kebetulan bila i pregnant my FIL decided to sell the house that he has been living for almost 15 years to his son (my husband) with a very lower price..kalau tak rumah di situ berharga almost 380k..thank you Allah SWT for the second gift..i feel blessed..we both know that we can never afford any house in a short time with our ciput budget ni..tapi Allah telah mempermudahkan jalan bagi kami and i know it's dedicated to my new born bb..eventho' it's and old house..i kinda fell in love with the area...senang cerita segala kemudahan hanya selangkah dari pintu rumah je..hhahahaa..since it's an old house there's so much things needs to be done..beli rumah baru ka rumah lama ka renovation is a must..tu yg tgh pening sikit ni..tapi takpe we'll do it slowly..have to put the priority on the bb first..janji bb keluar sudah ada tempat berteduh..:D.

i guess that's the few things that happen to me that i can share with you guys now..will share more about the pregnancy with you guys in some other times..insyaAllah..xoxo

my tummy in 5 months