Tuesday, December 21, 2010

am 30 yo!!!


Happy birthday to me!!! Happy 30th birthday to be exact!!! walaweeiiiii sudah 30 T_T Alhamdullillah.. masih lagi diberi peluang untuk meneruskan hidup, menikmati kehidupan dunia dan peluang memperbanyakkan lagi untuk ke sana (amin), menikmati hidup berkeluarga (thank u Allah swt for the bless) for having emir - the ones who lighten up my life, my husband, my dear friends and family. i count every bless i get and syukur. Goodbye 20's life ( i learnt a lot along the way). Hopefully 30's life will bring me more happiness, rezeki dan kesihatan yg baik ..amin!! let's embrace it :D!!

ok nak pergi cari collagen. :P.

owh lupa emir also celebrating his 5 months today..
yeayyyy happy birthday sayang ibu!!!

ibu: 30 years old
emir: 5 months

Monday, December 13, 2010


i did an e-invite for my BFF on her engagement.(actually she asked for it) i know i always enjoy doing cards..tot of doin it for serious but nevermind..
so here it is..

she picked this one.

to sarah, congrats again!!

Who is she??

you know i love blog-hopping..reading certain people walks of life is pretty much interesting for me..i think i learn a lot by reading their journey be it in life, food, fashion, online shopping (sangat dangerous!!hehhe) ape-apelah that can caught my attention i will read it..and sometimes i got hooked up ..and keep coming back for more.

Soooooooo one day i found this at one of my favs blog..

ok i know Yuna (sape tak kenal yuna ???)..but who is Hana Tajima??

This is where i become more curious that a kitty cat..curiosity kills you know..hahahhaa so i dig from google about Hana Tajima..

and i found her blog...and...and i fell in love with her and her style!!!

ok ok who is Hana Tajima??

Hana Tajima is a Britih-Japanesse Fashion designer who converted to Islam 5 years ago. oooooooooo no wonderlaa she is sooooo pwettyyyyy!!T_T.

isnt she so lovely??
pics nicked from stylecovered

i loveeeee her style and her design!! wear hijab is not the reason u cant be stylista..u still can rock the look and be fashionable with hijab!! one day insyaAllah when i think of cover up i'll definitely go for this look :D. aminnnnn

thot of buying this from her clothing line :D

Kimono Wrap Maxi Dress
(kalau tak suka pakai baju kurung to kenduri u can
just wear pants and t shirt inside and wrap this baju on your body..coolkan:))

ok more about Hana Tajima and her looks:
Hana Tajima's blog
Hana Tajima's clothing line

#no i didn't get the chance to go to the event LIFE FASHION & LOVE MUSIC :(#

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

goodbye for now.

long overdue updates..

i planned a small get-together with my dolls, to bid farewell to muna who is leaving us (dah pegi dah pun .heh) for 2 years to Nigeria ikut suaminya.. so makan-makan at delicious marc residence. Everyone was so sporting came in with blue outfit except for kakakla alasan dia kata lupa..cheh!! :P. As usualaa gambar mesti banyak..sume pulak kaki bergambar..gossip-gossip sikit berposing..gelak-gelak..posing, makan dan minum ..posing..hahhaha.

ok Mun..
Goodbye for now..wishing you and your family all the best in many ways.
i know am gonna miss u a lot..sob sob sob..u are my cofidante,
my shopping partner and my bitching partner too :)..
we will keep in touch virtually okey!! xoxo