Monday, June 27, 2011

impromptu escape!

How was your weekend??

my weekend was fulled and filled with besties, beaches and food!!! :D

Went for a short vaccay last weekend to Kuantan with my besties sarah, bab, sarah's colleague and little emir in tow :). Accomodation was on Sarah's. Thank you babe!! org baru dapat bonus. Alhamdullillah bertambah murahla rezeki. AMIN. Me and bab cheap in minyak dan tol. So we off around 9 in the morning. Made a few stops here and there. Emir nak beraklaa.. makanlaaa and we arrived around 2 at Hyatt Kuantan. The room is not that spacious but it opposite the beach. really loves the view. Unfortunately when the night's came our bathroom had leakage and we dont get any discount on that! Even when we arrived we asked for an extra bed dah malam baru dapat. Had our breakfast the next morning. Choice of breakfast was ok sedap jugak. Wanted to swim but too many people hogging the pool eventho they have 2 pools at the hotel. The rest are history..hahahaa ntah ape-ape! enjoy the pics :D tq nana for the pics.

view from our room :)

makan-makan dan makanan!

this is not a camera tricks.
sotong goreng tepung paling besar i've seen in my life!

meet my new friends Nana(middle) and Hanum (right). Hiii!!

emir and his food.

tunggu turn beli satar. and this is my very 1st time tasted satar. sedappp yooo!!! :D

3 biji satar harga seringgit! gila murah..

next day activities.

bye..bye teluk cempedak for now!! till we meet again in Cherating :D

before we off!

love :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

11 months..

can't wait for your 1st birthday next month *excited*

Thursday, June 09, 2011

BALI it is!! part 1

helloooooooooooooo, it's been a while kan? i know! so many things i wanna tell and yet i have so little time! i think time is really being unfair, it flies so freakin' fast that sometimes so many things had to slip off just like that from my mind without any time to even rethink about it.. phew!!

This time i wanna share my holiday experience. We when to Bali last month. So here it goes.

Baru sampai at Denpasar airport. ramaikan org? rules no 1# if u plan to go to Bali, i suggest u go on weekday, not weekend. kalau tak jadi mcm nilaa..ramai gila tourist. so u will wasting time queuing to get ur passport chop. tapiiii dekat Bali ni ade sistem boleh potong line..caranya bayar saja dongg..everything will be sap sap soi! someone will approach u and ask for tips. if u feel like u can handle the queue u can just say no to them. we were approached once, and we refused nicely..tapi tiba2 ada this one guy saw me carrying emir and he saw emir with his towel and he asked me.."demam ya anaknya?" terus my MIL cakap "ye ye dia sakit" and that guy brought us to the special room. Terus dpt potong line and we were not being charged pun. :D rezeki bawak budak kecik :).

and rules no 2# kalau pergi bali better u take early morning flight, if u stay for a week us we stayed there for only 3days 2nights ..and we took 11.15 am flights sampai sana dah pukul 2.30pm with the queue at the custom and jam cos it was saturday pulak tu..we already wasting half day on that. T____T. We only reached our hotel almost 5.30pm. So plan your trip wisely!

We stayed at Alam kul kul, situated in Legian. Fret not legian is just next to Kuta. mmg dekat2 je..what i can say is, Kuta is a very hectic area. Legian is more chilled. Alam kul kul rate a bit expensive it course us around RM600 for 3days 2nights excluded breakfast. I'm a bit skeptical when browsing thru the internet about this place. Alhamdullillah bila sampai mmg puas hati tgk the hotel. So green and very tranquilized. I felt welcomed. The staffs were very friendly and helpful. rules no #3. always give some tips. semua pun kena pakai tipsla kat sana. so be careful..there's always someone will come and approach you to give u an extra hand and they mean for tips, be ready with small change ok. Our hotel is just a few steps away from the beach.

this is another pathway to go to the beach.
Depan tu small entrance u can see beach kat depan tu je.
U just have to cross the road to get to the beach.

Alam Kul Kul has 2 swimming pool, one massage area, 2 restaurants
- one halal and the other one is non-halal.

non-halal restaurant.

halal restaurant. My Mil's having breakfast. it's Usd8 per person.

One for the family. :)

i only managed to snap 1 swimmimg pool :). nice kan??

our room nun jauh ke belakang, very quiet. Terlupa pulak nak ambik gambar bilik. T___T.

Travel Guide:

I got his phone number from one of my colleague who went there before me.
Nama dia Pak Wayan. Very nice man. Tapi very quiet. He charged us RPH 350 000 per day. Equivalent to RM 120. So we divide by 5 person. On the 2nd day of our trip his car got problem. We were replaced by his brother's car. His brother are more chatty (forgot his namela) and nice too. I think the price their offered are quite reasonable. U just need to tell them what's ur plan they'll bring u there. They can even suggest you to any halal stall/restaurant. The whole trip we were stuffing ourselves with Nasi Padang. Sedap dan murah! Owh they have halal A&W too same goes to Burger King :). So don't worry about finding a halal food there. If u have any interest to have his contact number just email me at

Airport Tax: 150 000 rupiah = rm 53++