Monday, December 17, 2007

birthday wishlist..

DECEMBER coming to an end..someone is going to celebrate her birthday soon *wink*...and she just can't stop to think about her wishlist....:P so here is her wishlist....

1) new more black please i want something simple yet stylish

2) a bottle of'll be more perfect if it comes with a shower gel and body
lotion.. ooo so delicious...

3) Philips hair curler..u know for the party time :P

4) Spa Voucher that includes..massage+body scrub+sauna+Seaweed treatment+Milk Bath

5) a Charm Bracelet from alamak lupalaaa..

6) bras and panties..lots of it..from mark n spencer or lasenza

7) a trip to oversea..dlm malaysia pun ok but please make it near to the beach..

8) i book :(....i know this is the hard one..but hey it just a wish list who cares!!!

9) my biotherm skincare almost finish..hint using the green one :P

10) new clothes..

11) more shoes, shoes and shoes

12) i love books...from poetry, literiture, chiclit, u name it baby ....i'll easily
hook up

13) a helicopter control..

14) a face powder, foundation or concealor...just a try out

and last but not quit my job and get a new job bole????

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

shape of my heart

i watched LEON THE PROFESSIONAL movie 2 days ago..and now am in love with STING song title "SHAPE OF MY HEART"..a very beautiful song and meaningful lyrics indeed..

do click at the title above to enjoy the video ...ENJOY!!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


i got a message yesterday's written:

Hello cinta sari Customer,

December Promotion, keep the skin soft and moisture (sauna+body Massage+coffee&Mocha Scrub+Seaweed Treatment+coconut Milk Bath)only RM190.

From: Cintasari Spa


punk'd !!

me* just had lunch with all my colleagues.. since every month we all contributed rm20 for our ofis sports club and since then there's no activities had started due to our hectic schedule, so we all decided to start our first activity with a lunch treat today at TGIF and followed by bowling tournament among us this coming friday!! TETAPI, tetapi adelah sangat tensi kerana i've got birthday punk'd tadi ok!!!!!! waaaaaaaa!!!! sangat memmalukan...u knowlaa how TGIF style, they asked u to stand on the chair and sing!! yes me* have to sing!! despite being so embarrased me* can't even think any one song pun, oh my goodness, me* can't remember bape juta kali me* keep on repeated those babi* words kerana sangat panik ok, bongoklaa wei!!!last2 diaorg fed up they asked me* to dance instead!!! hahahahaa oklaa me* pun ngan slumbernye menari while they all sang me the happy birthday song!!! duh malunye...but the most irony thing is, bukan me* saje yang celebrate birthday this month ade lagi 2-3 ekor beruk gak..tapi me* gak yang kene punk'd setannnnnnnnnn!!!!!but anyhow me* still enjoy it..:P bukan slalu pun kan??? oklaa i'll update the pictures later k..