Monday, September 29, 2008

Raya & Kerja

One day before Syawal, hence i still have to go to Ofis kene kerja eventho’ i have nothing to do . Tak tau apsal bos aku tu En. H* kata “Eh, awak tak boleh cuti, budak baru memang selalu macam ni kene standby kat ofis”.. Memang ah dia tu aku cuti je dia mesti nak bagi macam2 alasan..i thot there’s no one here to cover if i took Raya leave rupanya semalam ramai lagi yang datang infact all the seniors are here until today..i think he purposelylaa ...Jangan ko cancel cuti aku next week sudah memang aku BOM Ofis ni!!! CONFIRMED!!!

i’ve already packed all my stuff to balik raya. Since this is my first year as a husband and wife, i decided to beraya di Seremban dulu my hubby’s side. Semalam balik umah mak kejap nak berurut.. suddenly the feeling of tak dapat raya ngan family sendiri like i used to masa zaman2 single lingered in my mind. Anybody who close to your family one day am sure you will feel the same. GILA SEDIH!!! Eventho’ i know i’ll be back to mak’s later still i can feel the slightest different. Dahla Jumaat kene kerja balik so kalau nak raya to my side kene tunggu Saturday sume H* punya pasalaaaa..ko tak tau ke aku ni dah ade family ngongkoi!!! nasib kg dua-dua belah dkt jugak tapi tak syioklaaa...

Nasib today half day, so around 2 hubby will come and pick me from ofis off to Seremban. Hopefully no jam, nothing happen and whatsoever.. so we'll be arriving safely in Seremban InysaAllah..For all the muslimin and muslimat, Happy Eid Mubarak..& please please please drive safely..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

muna's more ages!!!!


Hehehhehehehehe..This is the suprise birthday dinner i said earlier. According to the birthday girl's (dia dah agak dah) boleh? coz she heard the conversation between her hubby and me.. CHET!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

wash those dirts away, honey...

Don't u have any courtesy to make things good ???

oh, i forgot.. U never care..

i thought you'd change....

never mind..that's just U!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


eh ade org call tadi..nak mintak tolong buat
suprise birthday party untuk orang tu..
huhhhuuhuhuhuuu nak tau sapa???



Sunday, September 21, 2008

gettin' well..

aduhhh!!! i just had telur ayam kampung mentah...the taste????? gross ok!!!!i can even smell the taste until now...uweekkkk telur ayam kg mentah pulak tu nasib kecik je but still the taste cam *******!!! ade lagi 1 biji nak abiskan..takpelahh nak baik punya pasal belasah suma ubat2 traditional yang ade..usaha and tawakal...tapi memamng tak sedaappppppppppp!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

when it's never meant for u..

This Holy Month of Ramadhan has really challenged me to the limits. I was confirmed pregnant after 2 months married.. memang rasa excited sangat..siap nangis terharu when the doctor said “ ha ni dah confirm pregnant, and jaja was so excited, tersengih all the way to home and managed to make a few phone calls to share the happiness…..

Life isn’t that easy honey, indeed god already has another plan for me, due to a reason only god’s knows why, I had to do Dilation and Curettage or simply known as DnC. The Doctor said my baby not growing, heartbeat pun dah takde even my sac look oval instead of round. Belum abis doctor cakap dah nangis tersedu-sedu ni, pastu doctor kata “ jangan sedih atleast kamu punya kecil lagi not fully formed ade orang dah 7 bulan pun boleh jadi macam ni and furthermore you still young there still a lot of chances to conceive again”. Oh well it’s easy to say rather than experience it yourselfkan…Am so despair, rasa sedih sangat-sangat all the negative thought suddenly masuk kat dalam kepala otak was it my fault sebab slalu mengeluh penat tak larat and makes my baby merajuk, or maybe because I had eaten something wrong, adakah sebab lasak, ade tu sampai terpikir is it because ade momok makan my baby. Hahahha terukkan????.. Tapi masa tengah sedih2 tu bleh lagi tanya doctor kene pantang ke lepas buat Dnc ni? Sebab masa tu dah mmg set dalam kepala otak nak gi umah mak berbuka nak makan nasi ayam.. boleh camtu?? Sekali doctor kata boleh je takyah pantang..lega sikitlaaa tapi still continue nangis . I was admitted for one day kat hospital and the next day around 1 o’clock terus balik umah mak..berpantang…Seminggu lebih berpantang kalau tido sorang2 atau duduk sorang2 mmg terasa ..yelah kalau tak bulan 3 tahun depan dah ade baby dah…but I have to kuatkan semangat istighfar banyak2 I know someday he/she will be waiting me in heaven..insyaAllah.

Thanks to muna sebab suh baca satu forum dekat internet ni, where all the moms, mothers to be and wants to be a mommy shares their experience regarding miscarriage, abortion and dnc. Too many precious information I have learn, indeed it makes me grow more stronger and believe there’s a reason for what had happened and only god knows what is the best for me. Despite what I had experienced, some of them already experienced things that u can’t never imagined. What ever it is, i have to be more concern bout myself now, I have to take a good care of myself ; less stress, eat healthy food and pray a lot. Thanks to my dear husband, family and friends for your endless support and advice to me whenever I need u guys. I know I’ll be fine. Mmmmuahhh. Much love!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So am married now... a wife now to a very lovely, cutey, hug-able and sometimes the most annoying hubby ever..hehhehee but still i love u to bitslaa..It's been 4 months already ...kejap je kan..Here are some of many pictures from our wedding ceremony...enjoy!!!

Hello again...

It’s seems like my blog already filled with dust and cobweb. It’s been a while since I last updated. Too many things had happen for this past few months. Some is utterly memorable, some are just too bitter to be remembered.

Anyways, I hope am still not that late to wish all the muslimin and muslimah
“ selamat menyambut ramadhan” my oh my it’s already mid of ramadhan just a few days before “ malam lailatulqadar” and I still haven’t got any chance until now to fasting. I only managed to berpuasa for the first three days and not even a day had a chance to terawih like I used too. Of course am sad but I know there’s a reason for every single things and only Allah knows the best for me. I will tell u guys the reason later k.. TAKE CARE…