Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy 14th birthday to my sister Nurul Nabilah..May her life always be blessed with Allah S.W.T, Dimurahkan rezeki serta diberkati hidupnya.insyaAllah.
xoxo, along :D

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

jangan pernah berubah

Masih Ada Perasaan
yang Tak Menentu Di Hati
bila Ingat Sorot Matamu
yang Kurasa Berbeda

* Oh Janganlah Terjadi
yang Selalu Kutakutkan
beribu Cara Kan Kutempuh

reff: Oh Cintaku Kumau Tetap Kamu
menjadi Kekasihku
jangan Pernah Berubah

selamanya Kan Kujaga Dirimu
seperti Kapas Putih Di Hatiku
takkan Kubuat Noda

bayangkanlah Dari Matamu
bayangkan Aku Di Sisimu

i know am such a lame person..for not knowing the existence of this song..mmg sedapla lagu ni ok..sangat menusub kalbu..can't find the music videolaa..nak masuk kan lagu lagila tak tau..go figure yourself :D..just enjoy the lyricslaa eh..:D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Zee Avi @ Kokokaina

Love her and her voice so much..This is her official music video for Bitter heart song. Love the make-up too. Enjoy!!!

check out her website too..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy 100 posts!!!

let's make it quick

yeahhhhhhhhh...never thot it can be this far ..really proud of my self..dari mula-mula tulis hanya untuk diri sendiri lama-lama dah tak kesah who ever reads it..still i keep this blog as low as i can...takmolaaa announce satu dunia i have blog.segan :P..sape2 yg terjumpa..jumpalaa...banyak bende nak cite ni actually, especially bout my honeymoon trip..tapi terasa sangat malas..i'll story later k.. Enjoy pixs..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where are u sun??

pics taken by my hubby

mmg tak sama gambar previous post with the real situation. :(..The most factor is because of the weather..If it's really hot it will make the water looks more bluish and a bit frustrated coz the weather is not like what i'm expecting it to be..tapi Alhamdullillah there's still sun up there shinning thru.. cuma dia mcm malu2 sikit nak keluar T_T..and i am really make full of it..basking the ambience and chill.

Monday, May 11, 2009

sweet escape..yehooooo

can't wait to pack my stuff and smell the ocean breeze once again!!!

adakah gambar visual ini serupa dengan
origional viewnya???..mari kita nntkan.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

10th May... anniversary and mother’s day .'s already 1 year of me being Mrs. Shaza..
Time does fly really fast aight??
To my husband.. let us face any obstacles together and pray that this journey will continue till the end of our lives, InsyaAllah dengan izin-Nya we will. I may not be a perfect wife to you, but i will try my best to be one. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you muahhh...and as a celebration to our anniversary today , i prepared my husband one of his favourite dish “ Sambal telur dan Sayur goreng” ..sorry ayam tak sempat nak thaw...hahhahahaha...tak payah membazir duit..ini sume sbb my husband tak tau mana nak bawak pegi dinner boleh??? Sabar jelahhhhh...takpe tak kesah (betul tak tipu) suami saya mmg kurang romantis..

dan kuat makan jugak..hehehhehe peace..:D


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my Mak, Mummy and Aunty..
( it feels so great for having three wonderful mums)..


When i typed your name, tears already formed in my eyes...It’s hard for me to find the perfect words to describe you. You are the strongest person face every single thing without fear. Thank you mak for being there for me..please forgive me for all the wrongdoings that i have done to you..i know i had been a rebellious child when i was young (masih ingat bile mulut kene cili sbb suka melawan)..itu baru kene cili blom yang saya sangat nakal masa kecik, remaja dah besar baru tak nakal :P. Alamak tibe2 rase terlalu mellow pulak cerita di atas. Tengok bila dah type panjang2 ni pun i still can’t find the perfect words to describe about Mak..SELAMAT HARI IBU MAK..


Happy mother’s day mummy, thank you for accepting me to be your daughter in law and be part of your family. Thank you for sharing with me your sinfully deliciously MEATLOAF :D.. gila sedap wei mak mentua gua punye meatloaf..I promise, that we will try our best to spend more times with you and take a good care of you.


She’s the most soft spoken person i’ve ever met. She’s the person who never fails to say I love you to me or anybody in the house whenever she feels like..and she also calls all of us sayang .. there’s something about her words that really calm us whenever she gives advices. Thank you Aunty and Happy mother’s day to u too.

Most of all, i would like to thank Allah S.W.T for giving me these wonderful person in my life.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Love gives us the strength to perform the impossible task. by Paulo Coelho

I wanted to buy new sling bag coz baru perasan i don't have any sling bag (ye bab sila percaya :D) and since am goin for a short holiday abroad (ceh takdela abroad sgt approximately 2 hours plane ride aje :P) i decided to stopped by at KLCC..pilihan utama dihati adalah MNG..been eye-ing that sling bag since it's first showed here..tapi mcm ahh i went to MNG and belek-belek macam biasa beg yg diminati.. tapi cam biasa belek-belek aje tak beli pun sbb mcm kene kire budget dululaaa kan :(..then i walked around cuci-cuci mata terstop kat one area where they put cute t-shirt with huge and colourful text bila baca it's actually a quotes....and next to that cool t-shirt i saw a book with a really familliar face on it..when i picked up the book.. upanya bukan buku daaa tapi box..a very arty box..then i was like eh ni bukan muka ha memamng pun.. this familliar face is PAULO COELHO's my favourite author tu..but what the heck?? ape kene mengena him, MNG and those quotes ??..Then slowly i understand what is all about..Paulo Coelho and the fashion brand Mango have created a collection of T-shirts illustrated with sentences by the author.

U can check here for more...I am so delighted to see these T shirt tapi tulah yg ade tu sleeveless dan t shirt kale tak so eager to buy one..ade yang cancel beli bag ni angkut 2-3 helai t shirt..hehehehe..I really adore him.. everytime i read his book i will always underline the best quotes by him. Tak kisahla ape2 buku pun actually.. if the words really means something to me i will underline bila2 free i will flip thru the pages and read the quotes again n again. Oh yea half of the earnings will be donated to Paulo Coelho's kirenya bershopping sambil beramal jariahlakan..kan??? Cool eh..?? Esok jugak nak terjah MNG kat tempat lain..huhuhuhu..

pics taken from