Thursday, November 12, 2009


read: text by manohara's and compare it to the one from the newspaper.
what say u??

Monday, November 09, 2009

the ugly and the prince charming

guess who i bumped into at kinokuniya just now? I was standing exactly next to him..i thought he was just another customer browsing a book..i saw what he was doin from the corner of my eyes but he looked a bit hasty when he grab the books..i felt a bit annoyed standing next to someone who did such gestures and so i turned to him..there he is..the most charming prince in malaysia..Raja Dr Nazrin Shah ibni Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah..OMG!!..dia adelah sgt charming ok..i can't believe for all this while he was standing next to me....huhuhu..rasa mau pengsan..he was all alone with no one accompanied him not even a bodyguard. When he was about to made a move i am so hoping that he could have turn to me and smile..unfortunately i wasn't lucky to have that smile :(..sebab dia pusing the other way around..kesian sure the other customer who were standing next to him pun tak perasan. oh what a day!!!

pssstt..pssstt: my friend bumped into this one celebrity yg kecoh pasal centa dia dgn so many guys yg tak menjadi ni at the club with his bodyguard siap dekat blakang baju bodyguard tu ade tulis nama artis ni..owh sungguh superstar!!! derrr...

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

u made me blush!!!

cek pah, i need ur opinion on which to pick.
to speak the truth i heart them all!! hahaha mampos!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Roots of all evil.

after me posting an entry about not-so-lucky-me, i had a feedback post from my dear friend and hubby to cheer me day !! Thank you to both of u cos i felt sungguh disayangi. T_T. I shouldn't felt that way in a first place. But sometimes i couldn't help to let the feelin of being not-so-lucky-me slip thru me mind...But one thing for sure that makes me feel so lucky and proud of myself is to be able to cut off my credit card. Yes!! i just made my last payment..and never thought it really happened. it is not easy i tell ya..but i made it..*clap*clap* For those who have a dream of using this roots of all evil please think and swipe wisely!! you could end up bankrupt or more like hidup tak tenang bila banyak bills to me i've been there. I got one more card to go..try my best to refrain myself. phewwww wish me luck!!!

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