Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new collection from Hush Puppies..
i loikee..RM199 and it's suede leather
i dah try memag sangat comfy .
unfortunately i have swollen bye bye for now :(

Sleepless nite starts now.

am on my mc yesterday..masuk harini dah 3 malam having bad cough. ni sume berjangkit dari my husband i told him already to sleep at the other room..degil..kan i dah kene..:(. The problem is, the coughing only attack during midnight..can u imagine when it happened?? dahlaa malam memang susah nak tido because of the baby is getting bigger so i have to toss and turn every minutes campur pulak dengan batuk..haih kesian my baby..he must have been feeling like a roller coaster ride in my tummy..kejap pusing kanan kejap pusing kiri, lepastu pulak ada rasa mcm gegaran sbb i batuk..
Sometimes when i turn to the left he will kick me, maybe sebab dia tak selesa so i turn to the right, pun dia akan tendang2 jugak so the last resort is i just lying flat. Lying flat is not advisable actually it will increase your heart rate, blood pressure drops, and u feel anxious, lightheaded and nauseated. So, What i did now before going to sleep, i will double up my pillow make it a little bit higher from my chest first and try to sleep, bila i dah start nak terlena i will slowly turn to the left and put a soft pillow under my tummy to support my perut yang dah membesar ni. Kene buat secara perlahan-lahan, kadang-kadang still kene pusing kanan dan kiri jugak to get comfy sleep. My part kat bawah tu pun dah start sakit, especially bahagian kiri kalau nak angkat kaki untuk pusing ke kanan atau kiri..ya Allah sakit dia tuhan aje only happened bila i bayangkanla malam-malam kalau setiap jam kene buat 10 kali pusingan ke kanan dan kiri untuk dapatkan tido yang selesa itu belum campur dengan leg cramp. :'( Memang besar dugaan ni tapi takpa i tau ianya sangat-sangat berbaloi. :).

p/s: My goodness another 80 days to go..serammmmm!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

Little wave in my tummy

Perut sudah bergelombang!!!! weeeeeeee seronoknyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! this is what i have been waiting feel the wave..suka!!suka!! i noticed my first wave around last week..can't really remember the exact day and time..u really put a smile on my facela sayang.. even when i sleep.ahh the feeling is so wonderful. please keep on doin' that coz i really loves it when you do your thing inside my tummy!! macam ikan berenang :D

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Diary of a Whimpy Kid

I wanted to find something to read something light and chic lit is not my best option. I don’t really fancy chic lit, it put me to sleeps in a second if I read it. But I admit adela 1-2 buku chic lit that I really liked. The rest only half way je baca. So a couple weeks a go i went to KLCC with muna just to catch up on things. So we went to Kinokuniya and I kind a attracted to this one book’s titled Diary of Whimpy Kid. The cover are so simple with bold colour, stick figure of a boy with a dopey face and the write up kind a comic style with illustrations. The book comes in 4 different titled:

1) Diary of a Whimpy kid
2) Diary of a Whimpy Kid – Rodrick Rules
3) Diary of a Whippy Kid –The Last Straw
4 ) Diary of a Whimpy Kid- Dog Days

I only bought no 2, 3, mmg best sgt!! I finished reading it in 1 day only. Thinking of having all the collections. Hubby told me that he saw the making of this movie too I didn’t know they gonna come out with sure not gonna miss it!!

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