Monday, September 19, 2011

raya-raya house on fire!

  hehehe..tau tau were almost 3rd week of raya already..i still think i need to share some of my piccies during raya :). this year i celebrated raya at my parents', Malacca. Celebrated in Malacca until thursday then on Friday we off to Spore for my cousin's wedding. so enjoy!


 3rd raya..visit to pantai is a must..since my parents' house were so near to pengakalan balak.

emir's feeling a little yuckie everytime  the water touches
his feet and whenever he steps on the wet sand.

later that nite inlaws came to visit. :D

4th Raya in singapore
 that's my cousin

 congrats to afdal n nabila. :)

 me, my sista, nenek, my mum n my atuk

 the next day we went to Marina Barrage playing kites.

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