Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf Books Expo

Forced hubby to go to the Big Bad Wolf Books Expo (this is such a tongue-twisters to pronounce) for i already bought Jamie oliver's book from groupon. Read here . The place was in Serdang. As usual we love to go as early in the morning sebab tak suka bersesak-sesak. When we reached there we parked our car and there were lots of shuttle bus waiting to take us to the hall. The parking area and the hall is actually 3-minutes drive.

On the shuttle bus

The hall was quite big and fully air-conditioned. As i stepped my foot there I dont know where to start.
The books there were damn cheap! seriously. As cheap as rm3 and the max price i saw for hardcover is about rm25 only. I went crazy looking at the books. Eventho we hardly found a new edition of books or maybe none but still the selections of books that were put on was not disappointing at all. :)

 my first catch. Ugly for only rm8

 the hall.

 "ibu can i have that book"??

 our catch..mostly mine :P

 L: rm15 R : rm25

hubby's L: rm 25 R: rm 12

happy me!!!

Hurry make yor way to the expo.
The expo ends until next week. click here for more :

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Nadiah Othman said...

i really like BBW. worth every penny!