Thursday, September 29, 2011

melancholy mode

Rumours has floating and Shah Alam it is.
I don’t know what to say, how to react.. blank..
Ofis kemungkinan pindah Shah Alam..wth??
Gila jauh wei..kenapa tak senawang terus??
Yeah yeah..sukehati diaorgla celah mana kan..they have money,
they bought us remember?? 
so they have the rights to do so.
What about us?? KULI ni??
Oh well take it or leave it… DAMN you!!

So here I am, once again updating my resume..yadda..yadda..
Tell myself where should I go?? Is there any place for me i mean for my age??
Ade ke?  Only God knows..semoga dipermudahkan..AMIN

Monday, September 19, 2011

raya-raya house on fire!

  hehehe..tau tau were almost 3rd week of raya already..i still think i need to share some of my piccies during raya :). this year i celebrated raya at my parents', Malacca. Celebrated in Malacca until thursday then on Friday we off to Spore for my cousin's wedding. so enjoy!


 3rd raya..visit to pantai is a must..since my parents' house were so near to pengakalan balak.

emir's feeling a little yuckie everytime  the water touches
his feet and whenever he steps on the wet sand.

later that nite inlaws came to visit. :D

4th Raya in singapore
 that's my cousin

 congrats to afdal n nabila. :)

 me, my sista, nenek, my mum n my atuk

 the next day we went to Marina Barrage playing kites.