Thursday, November 29, 2007


i am totally HOOKED up with


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Ages

Jaja was celebrating his birthday yesterday, and as a treat i was thinking
to bring him to go dine somewhere, some cozy place where we both can feast ourselves and spent some qualities times together-gether :P..
As i was forcing my brain to came out with a brilliant idea ,mun recommended me to go to a japannese restaurant named RAKUZEN at Chulan Square, she said the food were awesome and the price are affordable, and without further thinking i agreed coz i know jaja loves japanese food eventho' aku boleh nak muntah bau kedai dia..for the sake of his birthday i said to myself y not la kan i sacrifice :P..
thanks mun!!! i owe u one k..

so i met Jaja after ofis hour at pavillion, strolling around the shops and got my self hooked up with all the crabtree stuff especially their limited bags for christmas present..and i bought some stuff for my hantaran too..tapi sedih lagi 5 bulan baru bleh pakai:( around 7 something we headed straight to Rakuzen...We sat, and jaja made all the order coz i don't have any idea bout the foods.
bila food sampai i was so worried boleh tak?? coz am scared i be wasting all the food kerana saya adelah tidak memakan makanan jepun. Fortunately, everything was edible!!!!!! i ate everything he ordered..hahahhaa adekah kerana lapar??..nope i don't think so...the food was delicious, and i don't felt like puking or's quit an aghast, well atleast for me la...what an achievement!! kerana berjaya memakan..but still there's some of the sushi i just can't let it passing thru my throat e.g the salmon sushi, and the squid ape2la nama dia...tak bleh tak bleh..

setelah kekenyangan, we both lepak sekejap and call for the bills..yup the price are affordable and reasonable as well..dan dengan bangganye saya membayar..:D..i asked
jaja whether he like the place and the food ....and he answered YESSSSAAAAAAA.....hehehehe next time can come again!!! happy birthday dear!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

it was good to have smell friday once again..(chuckles), time flies really fast.. rasa malas nak buat keje...this morning one of my art director asking me wether i've already done the ticket design, nonchalantly i said not yet (evil laughter).. sat gi saya buatlaaaaa ni nak tulis blog ni jap haa!!!!!:D

can't wait for a presence of saturday, coz jaja's will be back from filipines (woo hoo) dah seminggu tak jumpa ok, (and am blushing now). the problem is, he'll be touching down around 8 pm, and i at the same time have a wedding to attend in Klang pulak duhh, bilenye nak jumpa ?? :(

ok peeps it's a wrap for to work!!! arghhh malasnyeeeeeeee..

have a nice weekend dolls!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007


duh!!! my world will go clumsy everytime i put on this morninglaaa..i just bought my self a pair of very-cutey-nice-pump for work purposes last saturday to replace my old working shoe yang dah hancur dalam dia but the outside still look gorgeous tau :P .but i just don't have time to go to cobbler to repair it..and this morning to make up a story, once i got off from the car to make my first step apelagi terasa begitu kelam kabut sangat diri ini plus this shoe macam ade sedikit loose..duh!!! i keep on stop in the middle of the way dan rase sangat annoyed coz this shoe keep on coming off from my foot tension ok..but the first time i've tried, it feels so ok and comfortable but today i can feel that something is wrong with this shoe and i have to crumple some tissue and stuff it inside the of my colleague suggested to me to go and change for a one size smaller coz she said shoes are expandable later..benci laaaa !!!!! i can't remember where i put the receipt but what if, they don't have 4 size and what if they just don't receive ant returns after 3 days of purchase..waaaaaaaaaaa maknanye i have to keep on stuffing the tissuelaaaa..waaaaaa!!!! if jaja knows about this he'll be like " ha tula nengkali try elok2 dulu" :( there goes my rm183 !!!! bencilaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

can i fly??

i when to watched peter pan the musical on saturday night, thanks to paeng for the rm200 free ticket. yeaaaaaaa..!!!! to be franked, am the one yang persuade paeng to get me those tickets.. :P but i am not a big fan of peterpan actually tapi saje gatal!!! i did enjoy the show eventho' i am not a big fan of the peterpan or maybe am just to old to get xcited bout this kiddo thingey..but one thing that really got me like waaaaaaaaa bestnye-bestnyee feeling is whenever i saw peterpan and the fairies flying all over the stage...gile best and it was so real ok...i feel like flying everytime they swing ups and downs and sprinkled those glitter dust..ahhh rase seperti berada di alam fantasi.. fairy fairy can u grant my wish?? i wish for someone who'd have some courtesy to hand me a free ticket to chicago the musical theater :D ....puhleaseeeee fairy!!!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

please cheer me....

i need to pamper my self, a full body theraphy will be such a great idea after a month of hard work and too many sleepless nite i've been goin'll be more perfect if i can just pack my knapsack and be in perhentian island and tanning my self for a week..huh i miss that place so much..:( unfortunately i can't, coz am fucking broke!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... :(

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

sluggish me..

am just too lazy to do all the work..i still have another design to submit and my delivery will be early of december..shite lah!!!! i have wasted 2 days doin nothing..damn!!! yeah keep on mocking and cursing yourself!!!! it ain't help you to get any better :( later am goin to meet bab and paeng nak tengok Hati Malaya. Ini sume sebab nak teman si bab tu..dia beria2 call ajak teman..yup KLCC again!!! duh..