Sunday, January 25, 2009

let's rock on!!!

(psssttt i heard coldplay already confirmed to rock the stage)
ayaaaaa all in march meh??? die die die..check here for more details.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Afgan who??

he's only 19, fluent in french, very jambu, a very husky voice,
my favs song is terima kasih cinta and padamu ku bersujud..

when one can never be enough..

when u know exactly u only need one of those, yet u still wasted your money hoging it all-SIX!! six?????? are you nuts???? sume sebab amoi-amoi hotlink di maxis telah menunjukkan pada saya mereka telah membeli 6 batang lip gloss berjenama Stilla yang dijual pada harga rm120..dan saya telah terpukau dan membeli juga..skang tak tau bila nak pakai sumenye ni mau 8 tahun pun tak abis pakai wei..i still have two more lip gloss to finish and now add another 6 more glosses ..hahhahahahaa mmg gila gaklaa.. but i guess the price are quite cheapla for six of tak?? errrr...bab and muna nak beli tak satu???? hehehhehee..

rasa sayang pulak nak pakai..


Monday, January 19, 2009

off day..

im on my off day today..i've resigned and have another few days to last day will be on the 26 january and my new job is on the 28 january..ntah ape2 ntah kasi jelah start on february kan senang cite.i've already asked them but diaorg tak kasi..ngade tul!!! since my gaji will be out on this 22 (sbb CNY that's y diaorg kuarkan gaji awal) i was thinking to cabut cepat..lantaklaaa mmg dah malas gila ni..evil laughter!!!! yang lagi tak bestnya hubby will be goin to JB this friday and he's trying to persuade me to follow him ...ngeh ngeh ngeh!!! kalau mcm tu 4 harilaaa ponteng..ngeh ngeh ngeh..evil laughter again!!!! how???

ok got to go..nak mandi, do laundry n cook..ngeh ngeh ngeh...ish tak keje pun busy ok..ini belum ade anak lagi..phew!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tension tension!!!

Ok i've already made my decision. I'll go back to where i belong (as a graphic designer) and leave this new path as one of the not so sweet memory. No turning back!!! Thank you all for the advices and opinion. Appreciate it so much!!! mmuaaah!!!

dan harini...i've lost my shoes!!! temper betul..baru 2 hari off kasut hilang..setan ahh dahla kasut tu mahal (yelah konon2 nak rase comfy kuarla duit lebih sikit)..baru pakai 2 hari dah hilang..mentang2 aku letak dalam plastik bag cold storage korang selamber badak jer buang..bongok!!! bila tanye staff kat situ lelaki-lelaki yang tak boleh diharap kalau bertanya cakap tak tau!!! nangis ok abis satu hari mulut ni asyik memaki je..pastu dahlaaa takde cash kene swipelahkan nak kene beli kasut...kalau dah kat pavillion tu mana ade kasut murah..perhabis gak rm69.90..shitelaaa!!!!! dahla abis duit, kaki aku kasut tu makan ..sakit gila tula kasut nose ni pakai sikit sakit kaki mahal tak bertempat!!!!sakitnye jiwa raga...memang kasut tu aku buang gak pasni!!! &*^%$#@$">$#@$&**(( damn!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

mak tolong???

Duh!!! now am stuck in the middle of choosing the new path or back to where i belong. Apsal slalu mcm ni.?? I need to make the decision by today gak..mampos!!!! Kalau back to where i belong..i'll be having more time with the family sbb keje based on office hour 9-6..and will be off on the weekend salary wise is ok jugak. Kalau new environment..keje ade shift and hardly getting off over the weekend..dan public holiday pun kene keje + tripple pay, dan senang2 nak dapat duit lebih every month infact i'll be getting more then ever..

Money, Family, more off time,back to where i belong or just stick to my new path?? pleaseeeeee help me???

Friday, January 02, 2009

breakfast anyone??

what a good day to start ; a cup of coffee, a pack of nasi lemak ,
a set of traditional toast all from Toast Box.. and not to forget
a make up bag from Benefit..:D

through the storm and the light, baby u stood by my side and life is wine..

After almost three months being unemployed/jobless/fulltime housewife, i can proudly tell you guys that i am back on track to work and earn some dough. But this time it’s totally gonna be different; different post, different working hours and definitely different environment. This is going to be the huge changes in my life. Am gonna leave all my creativity for this whole year or maybe forever by doing something that was beyond my expertise . but i took this opportunity, as a challenge..eventho’ it is never listed as one of my dream job.never!!

The reason why i accept it because i don’t wanna a be too choosy especially when you know that most of the countries are facing the economy crisis and being unemployed in this crucial time is a big no least i can save some amount for the time being coz u never know what’s goin’ to happen next. Bukan tak mintak bidang yang ade kene mengena..tapi tak de pun yg panggil.:( So i just snap this opportunity and assumed it as my rezeki mungkin memang ade kat sini and hoping it will widen up my abilities (insyaAllah) walaupun ianya takde kene mengena dengan design.

The second reason that made me took this opportunity is because the offers is coming from a very reputable telecommunication’s company so maybe who knows someday, somehow i can really build up my career (cheh pikir jauh sangat :D).

The third reason because of the payment are quite good as well coz they pay u based on your working experience and your education level regardless in what fields are you. That’s fair enough. Well atleast for melah and additional to that, they pampered you with a lot of benefits and am quite happy with that. Dari duduk umah goyang kaki baikla amik aje ape2 yg ade depan mata kan? I will be put on probation for three months, so let say this line is really not my cup of tea then i will be back to where i belong..hehehehhe

I’m just gonna give my self a try and i hope i will enjoy this job. Tapi kerje dia bukanla glamour pun .. So next week am gonna start training and if everythin is fine i can start my job the following week..WISH ME LUCK!!!

pstttt..pasni bolehla beli bende2 yang ade dalam list..YAHOOOO!!!!