Monday, July 25, 2011

don't be scared, i will always be by your side

my boy turned 1 last friday!!!
oh boy..where should i begin?
u are not a baby anymore,
u soon a toddler,
u change ur milk to stage 3,
u no longer fit most of ur baby clothes, time really flies..
it's not fair to not let u grow up :(
oh am so denial..
promise me that u will always be my baby boy :(

emir ibrahim
u change my world in every crook n nook
u are my sunshine when i felt annoyed with the world
even when u were sleeping in your cot next to my bed
i still pick u up and want u to sleep in between me and ur babah :)
u know, not a second without u

emir ibrahim
i cant promise u rainbows and unicorns
but i promise to love u and guide u
and be the best ibu in the world, insyaAllah

just promise me that u will be a good son ok?


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