Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Emir and his fav milk bottle

As a working mother, milk bottle is a must for me to use as another alternative to feed my baby. I did browse on a few bottles before i bought one. I don't like Avent. Avent is the most common brand i heard and also i received complaints that the bottle's dripping. Ada sekali tu i was in bangsar Village 1, browsing baby's stuff and entered to one baby's shop the SA also said the same thing about Avent's bottle and she said quite a few customers complaint and return back the bottle. So Avent is a big no-no for me.

So i continued searching for the best milk bottles on the net. I found Tomee Tipee. So love the unique design. Looks tubby and so cute. It has all the "thang" u looked for milk bottles..such as BPA FREE, anti colic, teats closer to mom's nipples yada yada..

Tommee Tippee - Closer to Nature PP Bottle 260ml/9oz (BPA Free)

It is not an easy peasy job for me to switch from breast to bottle at first. Yelah 2 bulan dalam pantang. Emir was so used to my breast and i thot once i going back to work just switch jelah tu bottle. I was so reluctant. pikir takkan ada masalah. Man i was so wrong. Emir refused to drink from the bottle when i first started to introduced to him. Masa tu i have another 1 week plus before i started my job. Dahla my milk produce tak banyak, so whenever he cried for more milk i akan buat susu. dia akan tolak. Sangat kesian. Emak mana yang sanggup tengok anak sendiri menangis kelaparan. nak taknak sumbat my breast jelah. Tapi tak tahan sebab bila baby tak kenyang he will cry every hours to drink. I guess closer to nature is not that close for emir :( After a few attempts failed. I reffered to my SIL about my problem since she already have 4 kids. She introduced me to MAM bottles. I quickly went to mothercare to find one. Alhamdullillah 1st time try terus emir suka. I felt relieved upon seeing emir's happily sucking the milk.

Sudah 2-3 kali i introduced this bottle to my neighbours who have the same problem like i had. Baby refused to drink from any bottles. So i introduced MAM to them alhamdullillah baby terus boleh terima. So i guess MAM is the best bottles so far.
They come in with few colours and design.
Can match with ur baby clothes too :P

The most thing i like about this bottle is u can open the bottom part.
makes the cleaning process gets much easier.

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