Sunday, January 16, 2011

another blast in life :)

am down with fever again this time with itchy throat and cough. nice!! thot am doin okay yesterday..after missing 2 events on i when to Paeng's BBQ birthday yesterday and i thot am ok which is not..and today hafta MC :('s update is to congratulate Ajlaa on her wedding and my BFF for his 31st birthday!! gila tua weih..hahahhaa..

Congrats Ajlaa (yg muka paling poyo itu :)&Izwan (sooryyy cilok gambar :))

my pakcik tua..Happy birthdayyy!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

talking about house decor part 1

My plan for this year resolutions is to decor the house. We for the time being cant afford to renovate the whole house (how i wish money grows on trees) with the budget constraint..we need to do bit by may take years to get the whole house look good..cos the house we're living is already 17 years..semua design dlm tu ..the tiles, furniture very old skool one..even the wall painting dah nampak crack sana sini..don't make me start on the grill too..hahahaha
so we started with our living room theme for living room is green, black and silver..i painted the wall (by myself T_T) and my leg ached for 2 damn days!! belum paint the whole house lagi..anyways tq to mr hubby for giving me 100% freedom to do the decor but of course i do share my idea first before i proceed. Oh my, doing house decor is really a fun job..i dont mind forked out money on them...everyday i will go scouting every single details thru internet, shops, magazines and etc. It gives me so many fresh ideas .. so here some of the ideas that i have on my mind..

and for bedroom.i love love love love to get the brown and blue theme..and i've already found the matching curtain.*Finger crossed*

Friday, January 07, 2011

i love suprises!!!

OMG!!can't believe my eyes for what i see..

wow!!it's Shereni&Shentel! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee

it's from my BFF nun jauh dekat Nigeria sana. Thank u Mun.....i lap ulaaah!!!dah lama gila tak dapat suprise..tiba-tiba dapat and it's Sereni and Shentel pulak tu..gila best!! Wow penat merengek kat my hubby i want this for my birthday pun tak dapat2 lagi..hahahhaha..yes i love S&S very much!! been eye-ing so many headbands from them..xpensive ?? yes very!!but looking at the quality and the way they wrapped and delivered it to me..i know it's worth it!!

ow ..and also i would like to thank ani..for the wonderful cupcakes.(sorry tak sempat nak snap), and my MIL for birthday lunch! Thank you..thank you for to all my dear friends for the birthday wishes..xoxo